Why Choose Us

Get Paid!!

Every IAESTE internship provides salary that covers at least the costs of living in the particular country.

Free Placement

IAESTE is a Non-Profit Organization, so there are no processing fees for you.

On-Site Support

The IAESTE committee in the host country usually arranges the accommodation and supports you with other formalities.

Inexpensive Insurance​

Inexpensive health, accident and liability insurance that is tailored to you through DAAD​

Travel Subsidy

Possible on application for internships outside the EU and the EEA. We will be happy to advise you.

Leisure Activities

Events are often organized for you by the host LC and there are usually other IAESTE interns nearby.


Student of RWTH Aachen or FH Aachen

To be able to apply for an internship, you have to be enrolled at RWTH Aachen University or FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences. Ideally, you have finished at least your 2nd semester of your Bachelors degree to have the technical knowledge to properly work at a company.

STEM Fields

All internships require an enrollment in a STEM major (science, technology, engineering, mathematics). Most of our internships address to engineering students. Also in the fields of architecture, business administration, chemistry, physics and others we get offers again and again.

How to Start

To apply for an IAESTE internship you need to create an account on the IAESTE Exchange Platform. These documents in English must be uploaded in order for the account to be verified: 

Application Procedures

Within IAESTE there are two different ways to apply for an internship. Within the annual application process as part of the Annual Conference (AC) or via a short-term offer called COBE/FCFS offers.

The majority of the internships we offer are distributed through the regular AC application process. However, there is also the possibility to go abroad with IAESTE outside of the main application process. The so called FCFS (First Come First Serve) Offer is, as the name suggests, a placement offer made to the first suitable candidate. The COBE (Continuous Online Based Exchange) Offer on the other hand is a traineeship offer that is not country-specific: this means that 80+ IAESTE countries can theoretically nominate a candidate. The employer then chooses the most suitable candidate. 

A security deposit of 100 euros is required for all internships.