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International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience

IAESTE is an international exchange organization providing internships abroad for students from technical and scientific fields.

LC Aachen

Local Committee of Aachen

We are a group of students who love to get to know other cultures and meet new people from all around the world. We assist students of Aachen in pursuing their dream internship abroad as well as supporting international interns coming to Aachen.

IAESTE Exchanges since 1948

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Why Choose Us

After a simple application process, I started my internship in Kenya in no time. Besides gaining practical experience I travelled Kenya with local IAESTE members and interns.
Ole Eberson
Electrical engineer intern in Kenya
Apart from my studies, I have the opportunity to meet new people from different backgrounds, improve my soft-skills and work on hands-on projects.
Vera Hauser
Member at IAESTE Aachen LC for over 3 years
Highly qualified employees, without excessive bureaucracy. Intercultural experience gives a new impulse to the company and paves the way for future cooperation.
Felix Krooß
Ph.D. Candidate at ITA

Our Team

Felix Stein


I study Master Production Engineering RWTH Aachen University. My duties as the president is representing IAESTE LC Aachen at various events, tying all the different parts together, organizing group activities, assisting where help is needed! In short: Doing a little bit of everything, but nothing for real!

Felix Zimmermann

Vice President

I study Master Computational Engineering Science at RWTH Aachen University. As the vice president I am supporting president Felix holding everything together and helping out wherever help is needed. As we have gained different experiences and knowledge from different board positions over the past years, we complement each other very well.

Vera Hauser

Head of Finance

I am studying Computational Engineering Science at RWTH. I am responsible for finances, which means that I apply for the funding from the DAAD for our local committee and that I keep track of our expenses. This includes for example expenses for social activities and info events or the rent for our interns.


Steffen Schölzel

Head of Outgoing

I’m a master student in aerospace engineering at the RWTH Aachen University. Responsible for Outgoing at IAESTE, I support students in Aachen to find their dream internship abroad. Assigning students to their preferred internship on the Exchange Platform, hosting outgoing info seminars and individual consultations are the key activities in my position.

Shrinidhi Bhat

Head of Incoming

I study Robotic Systems Engineering at RWTH Aachen. The tasks that I am responsible for as Incoming head are finding buddies for the incoming interns, finding an accommodation and basically make them feel at home as much as possible.

Daniel Kieburg

Head of Jobraising

I study environmental engineering in my masters at RWTH Aachen University. I'm responsible for job raising and staying in contact with each and every company in Aachen that participates in the program and chooses to have an international IAESTE intern work for them.